Untyme your messages.
Don't let time stop you from saying what you want, when you want and who you want to say it to.

How would it make you feel if you could receive a message from someone you lost years ago?

You can do that for your kids, grand kids, friends, loved ones and anyone else

Leave birthday wishes for every birthday for years to come, say the stuff you didn't get a chance to say, be there for their graduation 20 years from now, leave a will -- for your loved ones or anyone else, the message gets delivered on the date and time you specify. Until then it lives on in our secure servers safely. Here's how it all works.


  • It all starts with a free sign-up. You can use your exsiting Google or Facebook account to easily sign up. You can also choose to sign up using your email. Once signed up, click on the "Create Message" link on the top. Follow the prompts, click on the help icon for each option. You get 5 FREE message credits when you sign up. Buy more credits here when you run out.

  • First specify the name of the person you want to leave a message for. It's important that you get this right, that's how they will find the message.

  • Second, choose if you want to send this message anonymously. You will still get notified when they open the message and respond to it.

  • Select the message type. Whether it is text message living on our servers or a physical item like a hand-made card or letter, maybe flowers or candies.

  • Select if the message is going to be public, meaning anyone can open and read it OR private, meaning only the person it is intended for can open it. You will specify some security questions for private messages that only the receiver can answer.

  • Next, choose when to deliver the message. Pick, Send it Now if you want the message to be available for claiming. Pick Schedule for Later, if you want to specify a future date and time. Pick Recurring if your message is meant to repeat at certain intervals like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can customize each message if you want. Pick Pulse if you want us to hold the message and only release it when we stop receiving pulse from you. Usually great for wills and messages you want to release when you are not around.

  • Next compose the message. You can add pictures, videos and text. You can take a picture of your handwritten notes as well.

  • After you are done writing the message(s), specify what you know about the receiver. Their school, country, email, city etc. This will help them find the right message when they search.

  • If you specified an email for the receiver, we will send them an email to let them know that a message is waiting for them. They will be able to claim it after answering the security questions but will only be able to read it on the date and time you specified.

  • After that, create at least one security question (you can add more if you want) that they are able to answer. For example, what did grandma Jane give you on your 10th birthday? Answer: bicycle.

  • Press send and you are done


  • For all other messages, the receiver will find their messages on our website by searching for their name.

  • They can claim a message but can only view it when the date/time specified by the sender has arrived.

  • Likewise, for public messages, once the view date/time has arrived, anyone can open and read the message at Untyme.com

  • If you still have questions, you can contact us at support@untyme.com

Our Brand Promise

Your Messages are Safe

Your messages live on our secure servers and are 256-bit encrypted. They are safe and only viewable by you and the person they are meant for. We continue to increase the security to ensure it stays that way.

Getting better with time

You are our inspiration, continue to tell us how we can do this better and we will. That's a promise.

Deliver Forever

We win every time we deliver your message to someone you want to. Your messages are safe with us, even if they are scheduled to be delivered 50 years from now. You have done your job when you wrote a message, we will do ours by delivering it on time.


Based in San Francisco, Untyme is helping millions communicate with the loved ones and others, not just today but in future when they may not be around.


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